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What we learned with

Mwendwa and Muthomi

Liz Mwendwa (14 yo) and Lee Muthomi (10 yo) are siblings that live in Kaithe, a village in Meru County, Kenya.

After they parents left, they were raised by their grandmother Mary and went through a lot of difficulties during their childhood, struggling even with school fees.
They started to go to our Development Centre when they were just toddlers, and hardly ever missed a day.

With our educational activities, both siblings learned skills such as communication, creativity and general knowledge about the planet.

Thanks to their own efforts and our classes, Liz and Lee reached a superior performance in school and had better grades than their peers.
With them, we learned the importance of offering activities that promote cognitive development during ealr childhood.

Many of the kids in Kenya don't have a lot of toys, books and other pedagogical and fun objects that promote the development of multiple intelligences and skills.

Kids don't come to our Centre just to play, but also to have activities like reading, sports, arts, dance, music, tutoring and much more.
And we are only able to keep our Centre running because we have the support of our donors, who we call rafikis.

Rafiki means friend in swahili, language spoken in Kenya. And Mwendwa, Muthomi and dozens of their friends count on that kind of friendship to keep having the opportunity to learn and have fun with us.

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GET TO KNOW OUR projects

We are 2 independent organisations, one in Brazil and one in Kenya. Our kenyan office is responsible for the management of resources and the execution of all projects, with all due autonomy, while the brazilian office focus on helping and guiding everything to  more sustainable development goals.

Endeleza Development Centre

Our EDC helps up to 45 pupils every saturday in the Kaithe community. We offer educational activities to promote cognitive development, such as tutoring, sports, arts, dance, music and  reading. 

We pay all costs to open the Centre, including the salaries of 2 teachers and 2 cooks and 3 meals to each child. 

Secondary School Sponsorship

We sponsor 4 girls in Ruiri Secondary School.

The school offers full boarding, with education and food included.

The school is located in the Ruiri Village and is considered one of the best in the region.

With your help, we can keep on transforming
the life of dozens of families.


You cna choose to make single or monthly donations and become our rafiki, word that means friend in swahili.

The amount is not important, what matters is your friendship and willingness for helping our students stay in school and have a better chance in life!

About us


We were founded in 2012 by brazilian and kenyan cofounders. Throughout the years, our projects and goals have changed and evolved, having reached thousands of people and hundreds of families.  

We were born international, and we have always had the purpose of promoting the sustainable development of communities in Kenya. 

Now, we are two organisations: Endeleza ORG, in Brazil, and Endeleza KENYA, that has the autonomy to oversee our projects in the African country.

The focus of our brazilian organisation is to support Endeleza Kenya in pursuing their own vision of development and facilitate the process of achieving it in the most sustainable way possible. 

We are one big collaborative community and we believe that only by working together will we be able to thrive. Volunteers, donors, teachers, students, leaders and broad community must all join hands to get to where we want to go!

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